Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) review – it freaked me out and I loved it

This sequel to Unfriended (2014) exceeded its predecessor for me in more ways than one.

Fear factor

The themes explored and images shown in this film are NOT for the faint-hearted. It actually managed to shock and repulse me a few times (which is pretty rare nowadays), and this is something I think Unfriended (2014) didn’t quite manage.

Part of why I think Dark Web is so successful is that is explores a very real fear we all have today, by highlighting how available our lives are online as well as how easy it is for someone to exploit that. It pairs this with a perfect blend of creepy vs sick vs shock-horror, which felt tense at the time but also left a lingering dread with me post-credits. A few images in particular, I’m sure, will be with my for a while.


It’s no secret that I LOVE a found-footage style film, although I’m aware that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think the found-footage format here works perfectly to tell this particular story. I’m not sure whether a more traditional format could have pulled me in to their terror quite so well – I almost felt guilty for peering in on their private conversations, and then for watching them suffer. I felt like one of the viewers sitting on the Dark Web, and I think that was deliberate.


Usually I would say that if I can guess the ending of a film, they could have done better, but this time I’m not sure that’s the case. I “accidentally” guessed how it would come to a close, but in a sarcastic “OMG wouldn’t it be really upsetting if THIS happens at the end?!” kind of way, and it turned out to be pretty spot on. It’s not the type of ending to watch if you’re looking for a nice cosy feeling when switching off your TV, put it that way.

Overall I think this film did a brilliant job of freaking me out, and for that I praise it highly. It left me feeling worried about how easily this type of situation could happen to me or a loved one in real life. I’m taping up my webcam as we speak….


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